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Residential Training Yoga and Psychological Astrology (6 days from 12 August to 18)

Psychological astrology blends astrological principles with psychology, focusing on how celestial bodies influence personality for self-awareness and growth. It uses one's Natal Chart, based on birth details, to guide personal development and tailor yoga practices, aligning celestial influences with physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This approach highlights the importance of understanding zodiac signs, planets, and houses to harmonize life's energies through a customized yoga practice, fostering a holistic approach to wellness.

This course combines two powerful tools of self-knowledge, helping you to learn how to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Astrology will help you understand your potential and talents, and identify if you have any blockages, why they exist, and where they are located. Yoga, on the other hand, will enable you to activate this energy from the body to the mind.


Here is the program outline:

What is a Natal chart and how to create one
Elements, Signs, Planets, and Houses
Sun and Moon
Energy of each house and regencies
Ascendant and doubts
Personal Planets: Mercury
Mars and Venus
Social Planets: Saturn, Jupiter
Uranus, Neptune
Pluto and Lilith
Chiron and the nodes
Chakras, Elements, and position
Yoga postures for each chakra and element
Yoga Nidra and Meditation
Two extra sessions for chart description and diagnostics

The cost of the complete course is €350.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to guiding you on your journey to self-improvement and inner peace.


The training in Yoga and Psychological Astrology aims to facilitate personal development and self-awareness through yoga practices and an understanding of psychological astrology. It emphasizes the mind-body connection by using yoga to balance physical and mental aspects, complemented by psychological astrology to deepen the understanding of behavior patterns influenced by planetary positions. Students are equipped with yoga techniques for overall well-being, and a solid grasp of psychological astrology enables them to address mental and emotional challenges holistically.

The program prepares students to become effective yoga instructors and consultants in psychological astrology, emphasizing ethical practices and responsibility. Ultimately, the training integrates these disciplines, allowing students to explore the connection between their physical and spiritual nature and apply this knowledge for personal growth and improved mental and emotional health.


The training welcomes individuals engaged in therapy, counseling, yoga, or anyone with a curiosity for self-discovery.

🌟  Yoga and Psychological Astrology Training Program 🌟


12/08 Monday

3:00 PM - Check-in and Room Allocation
4:30 PM - Training Introduction with Fruit Welcome and Infusions
7:00 PM - Active Meditation to Connect with the Senses and Nature
8:00 PM - Cooking Class and Dinner Preparation
10:00 PM - Mantra and Meditation
13/08 Tuesday

8:00 AM - Yoga amidst the Elements
9:00 AM - Breakfast with Fruit and Infusions
10:30 AM - Psychological Astrology Class (Signs, Planets, and Houses)
12:30 PM - Cooking Class and Lunch Preparation
3:00 PM - Yoga Nidra
6:00 PM - Free Time
6:00 PM - Psychological Astrology Class (Sun and Moon)
8:00 PM - Cooking Class and Dinner Preparation
10:00 PM - Mantra and Meditation
14/08 Wednesday (Repeat of Tuesday's Schedule)

15/08 Thursday (Repeat of Tuesday's Schedule)

16/08 Friday (Repeat of Tuesday's Schedule)

17/08 Saturday (Repeat of Tuesday's Schedule)

18/08 Sunday (Repeat of Tuesday's Schedule)

6:00 PM - Closing Session and Certification Ceremony
Location: Vall de Dois, 08393 Caldes d'Estrac, Barcelona

Embark on this transformative journey of yoga, astrology, and self-discovery. Limited spots available - secure yours now! 🌈

Precio x habitacion compartida por persona todo incluido 1.390€

Supplemto habitacion suite  Ganesha 100€ x persona 


Teaching training in Psychological Astrology and Yoga, Residencial Retreat

August 12th - August 18th, 2024

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